Our staff are all professionals committed to providing you with the most pleasant and relaxing experience at Meiya Massage.  

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but it also shows on your body. Meiya suggests a facial, herbal aroma foot or full body massage helps your skin to look more beautiful.

Benefits of Body Massage

The word massage is derived from the Greek word “messier” means to knead.  It improves respiration, tones up the nervous system, andhastens the elimination of toxins, poisons and various waste materials from  the body through the organs of elimination such as bowels, kidneys, lungs, & skin.  It also enhances blood circulation, or metabolic processes ofthe body. When used for improving beauty, it removes the facial wrinkles and brings about a glow on the skin & face.  It is a natural way to cope with our day to day routine activities. 

Benefits of Foot Massage

The Chinese people believe thatwhat the root is to a tree, the foot is to the body.  A tree decays from its roots, while a man agesfrom his feet. The basic Chinese reflexology theory is that each human organ isconnected to one of 62 counterparts, reflective points in the feet.  Reflexology massage healing originated some5,000 years ago.  Itcan helpprevent, and cure many symptoms such as headache, stress, asthma, constipation, sinusitisand migraine. It is also helpful in the treatment of hypertension, insomnia, anddiabetes.

Benefits of Music Massage

Therelationship of music with a massage is very therapeutic for humans. The music is both enjoyable & relaxing. Therapeutic music regulates theheart and breathing rate, increasing blood oxygenating, relaxing the muscles, and healing the sick.

Musical so energizes, relaxes, aids mental focus, stimulates the brain, releases emotions, awakens our feelings, touches our soul, & calms our mind.

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